Shure Beta 181/C



Shure Beta 181/C - Cardioid 

Cardioid Small-diaphragm Side-address Condenser Microphone

The Beta 181/C has a cardioid pickup pattern, adding a combination of a broad frontal pickup spread and excellent off-axis sound rejection to its easy of positioning. What's even better is that, like all Beta 181 models, the Beta 181/C has a switchable capsule, so you can pick up additional polar patterns to suite your needs.

Shure Beta 181/C Small-diaphragm Side-address Condenser Microphone Features at a Glance:
  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Sensitivity: -46.5dBV/Pa (2.4 mV)
  • Maximum SPL: 151.5dB SPL (2.5-kohm load), 149.0dB SPL (1-kohm load)
  • Precision-engineered, compact side-address design
  • Easy to position in many configurations and in tight places front-address condensers won't fit
  • Optional interchangeable polar pattern capsules attach to the Beta 181 body for extra flexibility
  • For use in high SPL environments
  • Includes stand adapter, windscreen, and carrying case (carrying case will securely protect up to 4 polar pattern capsules)
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.
  • Requires +48V phantom power

The Shure Beta 181 small-diaphragm side-address condenser microphone adds flexibility to any studio!


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