PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile


PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile 

USB 3.0 Audio Interface with Up to 192kHz Operation, 2 XMAX Mic Preamps, Studio One Fat Channel Processing, and 16 Channels of ADAT I/O
PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile at a Glance:
  • The core of your studio
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • The Studio One connection
The core of your studio

With the PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile, you have an integrated hardware/software solution for recording in any studio - from mobile to project to professional. Take command of your main mix with software-controlled convenience. The six balanced outputs can be used for either monitor mixing or speaker switching (or both) according to your workflow. Optimized with flexible software and generous I/O, the PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile forms the core of your production environment. Sweetwater engineers are quite impressed with the Studio 192 Mobile; we're sure you will be too.

Exceptional sound quality

Your Studio 192 Mobile delivers all the detail and the effortless, airy high end you demand of a professional front end. To provide ultra-high-definition recording and mixing, the Studio 192 Mobile operates at up to 192kHz. Each input and output is fitted with genuine Burr-Brown converters for 118dB of dynamic range that lets you capture delicate harmonics without audible distortion. PreSonus's recallable XMAX mic preamps provide high headroom, for rich, full-frequency sound that lets you hear every minute detail and transient in your recordings. 

The Studio One connection

PreSonus designed the Studio 192 Mobile to be a fully integrated extension of your recording setup. Inside Studio One 3 DAW software, you'll enjoy full control over preamps as well as zero-latency monitor-mixing functions. The hybrid Fat Channel plug-in is powered by the Studio 192's DSP, letting you monitor and record with interface-based processing and use the Studio One Fat Channel for playbacks. You don't even need to have your computer with you; just launch Studio One Remote on your iPad. Use a third-party DAW? No worries. You can also control the Studio 192 Mobile's built-in features from PreSonus's free UC Surface control software, a user-friendly mixing interface that gives you everything you need to create high-quality monitor mixes.

PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile Features:
  • Powerful, ultra-flexible USB audio interface
  • A fully integrated extension of your recording setup
  • Concurrently stream up to 26 inputs and 32 outputs at 48kHz (8 x 14 at 192kHz)
  • Studio One Fat Channel processing on all analog (and the first 8 ADAT) inputs
    • Fat Channel processing powered by the Studio 192's DSP


  • Vanishingly low-latency monitoring (input-to-output: 2ms)
  • Makes an ideal studio command center with:
    • 2 XMAX mic preamps
    • Monitor mixing
    • Speaker switching
    • Onboard headphone amp


  • Remote control XMAX preamps and monitor mixes from:
    • PreSonus UC Surface
    • PreSonus Studio One
    • Studio One Remote for iPad


  • I/O (expandable with optional DigiMax DP88 8-channel A/D/A converter):
    • 2 front-panel mic/line inputs
    • 2 TRS rear-panel inputs; 6 TRS outputs
    • S/PDIF I/O (coax)
    • 16 channels of ADAT I/O
    • USB-to-host (USB 3.0)
    • Word clock I/O

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