PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI


PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI 

18-fader, Motorized AVB Ethernet Control Surface and 4-in/2-out Audio Interface for PreSonus StudioLive RM AI Mixers and Studio One DAW Software

Maximum Control for Your StudioLive AI Rig

If you want serious flexibility, then build your live sound or studio recording rig around the PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI AVB Ethernet control surface. When you couple the CS18AI's 18 motorized faders and extensive onboard controls with StudioLive gear, you can get upwards of 64 channels of mixing and recording I/O, plus total control of PreSonus Studio One. AVB Ethernet delivers both instantly responsive control and bidirectional audio, allowing you to monitor through your CS18AI and provide talkback, room mics, or control room recording capabilities. However you put it to work, the PreSonus CS18AI AVB Ethernet control surface will add a special level of convenience to your music rig.


PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI Control Surface at a Glance:
  • AVB delivers total control from the stage to the studio
  • Flexible StudioLive technology lets you expand your rig
  • Onboard I/O provides vital communication and more
AVB delivers total control from the stage to the studio

Forget about cumbersome snakes or dropping cable in your walls - with the PreSonus CS18AI control surface at the heart of your StudioLive RM mixer rig, all you need is a single standard Cat 5e Ethernet cable, and you're all set. That's because your CS18AI operates on the same AVB Ethernet protocol as StudioLive RM mixers. This not only provides extremely responsive control over your mix, but it also lets you send audio both ways, allowing you to use your CS18AI mixer (or mixers) as stage boxes or remote preamps.

Flexible StudioLive technology lets you expand your rig

Over the decades, Sweetwater Sales Engineers have helped countless studio and live sound professionals adapt their rigs to ever-changing needs. That's one of the reasons we're so excited about the PreSonus CS18AI and StudioLive gear. With this kind of a setup, you're free to grow and change your system as needed. If 32 channels isn't enough, you can cascade two StudioLive RM mixers together for expanded I/O, and thanks to the CS18AI's scribble-strip display and DCA groups, managing a higher channel count is totally painless. What's more, you still get the StudioLive AI iOS integration, so you can always add iPhones or iPads for personal monitor mixing and remote access.

Onboard I/O provides vital communication and more

One additional and highly important way that the PreSonus CS18AI differs from typical control surfaces is its integrated I/O. Acting as a 4-in/2-out AVB audio interface in its own right, the CS18AI provides you both a pair of line-level inputs and a pair of microphone inputs as well as stereo XLR and headphone outs. This I/O configuration lets you monitor on headphones or speakers while providing talkback and room mics. And since the onboard mic inputs are remote XMAX preamps, you're all set to record in the control room with the same amazing sound you'd expect from your StudioLive RM mixer.

PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI Control Surface Features:
  • An Ethernet AVB control surface that integrates with StudioLive RM AI mixers and Studio One DAW software
  • 18 x 100mm touch-sensitive motorized faders let you take control of your mixer channels and DAW tracks
  • 4-in/2-out AVB audio interface offers monitoring, talkback, and control-room recording options
  • 64px x 96px scribble-strip display with pan indicator included on all 16 channel faders
  • Variable-color select buttons provide easy at-a-glance channel and group identification
  • 4.3" color touchscreen lets you dive into deeper setup control and settings manipulation
  • Full PreSonus Fat Channel DSP control onboard makes setting up channels simple
  • Multipurpose footswitch input offers you hands-free punching and access to other functions
  • Built on the same footprint as the StudioLive 16.4.2AI to make rackmounting easy

Add amazing hardware and software control to your rig with a PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI!



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